No matter how many hiring decisions you’ve made in your lifetime, none compares to choosing a nanny for your child. It’s a situation where “good enough” simply isn’t.

That means that every nanny candidate we recommend to you has passed the 21 screening requirements found in our SPN 21 Point Screening. Plus one other thing not in the report: our “family radar” test. We look for a match of that elusive thing called chemistry. We’re convinced it’s the reason we’ve achieved a 99% satisfaction rate.

Meet Our Team

Daryl Camarillo

Daryl Camarillo
Founder & Agency Owner

As founder and agency owner, Daryl dives deep into the complex role of matchmaker. Investing the time to learning families’ and nannies’ hopes and desires goes a long way toward her success. Building amazing relationships along the way is the reward she most cherishes.

Growing up as the middle child of five, Daryl was known as “the peacemaker” in her family. Throughout her 26 years managing the delicate relationships between nannies and families, she has honed these skills to an expert level. For Daryl, facilitating honest communication is a daily occurrence. She has yet to come across an issue she can’t solve.

Daryl strives day in and day out to promote best practices in the household staffing industry, an industry where it can often be easier and quicker to cut corners. Daryl was not only one of the founding members of the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA), but also served as the President and a long-time board member. Her continuing contributions to APNA exhibit her dedication to ethical practices and high standards in our industry.

Her team admires her strength, her drive, and her ability to persevere. They look to her as a comforting source that will always provide guidance and advice, and often refer to her as, “Mama D.” Though she is the smallest on the team, she undoubtedly has the most courage and knowledge. Sitting atop her desk is a framed Shakespeare quote that so truly reads, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”


Maggie Berkshire

Maggie Berkshire
Agency Owner

Maggie is one of the owners of Stanford Park Nannies. She has worked beside Daryl for 22 years and lovingly refers to her as her “daytime wife.” Maggie works with both families and nannies, meeting their long-term and temporary/on-call needs. In the temporary department, Maggie is often faced with families who have last minute needs and challenging circumstances. As a mother to two young kids herself, she understands how helpful on-call nannies can be! She utilizes all options and exhausts her efforts to meet families’ needs.

Whether she is making arrangements for clients to enjoy a date night or placing a nanny in a full-time position, she is always thinking about making the right match. She is a creative and compassionate “people person,” who genuinely enjoys getting to meet with families and nannies in person at the start of their working relationship.

Maggie is the first to tear up while reading a sweet thank you card from a nanny, the first to drop a clever one-liner that cracks everyone up, the shoulder you cry on when you’re having a bad day, and the one you go to if you want to discuss what happened on last night’s episode of Survivor. A few years ago, a nanny who had received our holiday card called the office and asked Maggie if she was “the big one” in the picture. She is proudly our “big one,” and by that we mean her heart!


Sarah Kopf

Sarah Kopf
Staffing Director

As our Staffing Director, Sarah partners with Maggie in temporary placements, researches candidate files, and assists with the behind-the-scenes processes of placing a nanny- from ordering background checks to preparing closing paperwork to send to the family.

Drawing on her diverse background as a Montessori preschool teacher and dance company stage manager, Sarah is always ready to jump into action! Whether it be filling a last minute temporary childcare request, assembling an office chair, or resolving an IT mystery, she loves a good problem to solve. She is passionate about impeccable customer service, moving the company forward through creating more efficient processes, and learning new things. She has even recently found an interest in Filemaker developing and coding! She is known in the office for being the one taking too many notes during a professional development seminar and having an odd obsession with hedgehogs (even though she’s never met one!).


Jennifer Fonseca

Jennifer Bongi

As our recruiter, Jennifer is on the front lines with nannies! She has the exciting opportunity to make the very first connection with candidates and learn about their unique background. She invests herself in getting to know them, thrives when it comes to following her intuition, and enthusiastically brings them in to meet with the rest of the SPN team. Additionally, she researches candidate files, takes references, creates candidate resumes, and works side by side with Daryl on the SPN blogs.

Jennifer appreciates and admires that integrity, honesty, and full-disclosure are non-negotiable when it comes to creating successful relationships with nannies. She prides herself on upholding these core values while engaging with new candidates and taking them through our process.

In addition to recruiting, Jennifer is also known as the office cheerleader. With a spirited and optimistic attitude as well as an outgoing personality, she is always eager to find reasons to celebrate, decorate a coworker’s desk, set up silly photo opportunities, and lighten the mood!


Rachel Fonseca

Rachel Fonseca
Administrative Assistant

Rachel is the go-to in the office for all administrative needs! Her organizational skills, her perky and warm personality, and her ability to handle whatever the team throws at her is unmatched. Whether she’s answering the phone for a family who needs a nanny or doing a check-in for a nanny’s first in-person interview, Rachel glows with a welcoming presence.

She loves the fact that every day, as she heads to work, she knows she will be surrounded by a group of women who all care for each other and treat each other with respect. She smiles to herself when she hears Daryl’s infectious laugh from her office, because she appreciates an environment where people can balance professionalism with a light-hearted attitude.

Rachel is known in the office for being the helpful butterfly—fluttering around the office, often quietly, helping wherever assistance is needed. She is the humble glue that holds our team together!