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Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

Have you ever been at a loss when a child seems to overreact to something that seems so small? The logical part of their brain is still maturing, which makes it difficult to cope with overwhelming emotions. Emotional intelligence and self-regulation doesn't just happen; it is modeled, taught, and practiced. So what can we do about that? We teach them, and we can help them practice it over and over again.

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Why the Trend Toward Gluten Free?

Why are gluten free food products becoming increasingly common in our grocery stores? Is this just the latest food fad or is gluten a potential dietary villain? Let’s begin by understanding what gluten is.

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The Importance of Feedback in a Nanny/Family Partnership

Giving feedback is often seen as an uncomfortable obligation, and is therefore avoided altogether. Receiving feedback can be equally difficult, often viewed as a personal attack. However, a healthy feedback exchange will not only strengthen your working relationship, but it also allows for individual, personal, and professional growth.

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Can I Bank Hours with My Nanny?

The simple answer is no. But let’s take a big picture look at the issue and hopefully it will all make sense in the end.

Nanny Industry Challenges, Here and Abroad

We have always benefited from the relationships we have built with others in our industry. Louise Dunham, CEO of Placement Solutions in Australia, recently interviewed Daryl and found that we share common goals and challenges while promoting best practices, even with over 7500 miles between us!

Nanny Up Session #1 Recap

Early Childhood Educator Robin Jurs shared stories from her rich background to help us better understand the concept of the competent child. Here we share a few takeaways from Robin’s session.

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