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The Afternoon Chauffeur Everyone’s Looking For!

This scarcity of afternoon nannies, along with the increasing need to move children from point A to point B, has paved the road for several local transportation options catering to families just like yours. Although they won’t provide you with all of the services a nanny would, they can certainly take your child from school to soccer, and from soccer to home. The attached list outlines the features and benefits of the local kid’s ride service options. We hope this will be a useful tool, and a way to alleviate some after school stress!

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Why the Trend Toward Gluten Free?

Why are gluten free food products becoming increasingly common in our grocery stores? Is this just the latest food fad or is gluten a potential dietary villain? Let’s begin by understanding what gluten is.

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The Importance of Feedback in a Nanny/Family Partnership

Giving feedback is often seen as an uncomfortable obligation, and is therefore avoided altogether. Receiving feedback can be equally difficult, often viewed as a personal attack. However, a healthy feedback exchange will not only strengthen your working relationship, but it also allows for individual, personal, and professional growth.

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Can I Bank Hours with My Nanny?

The simple answer is no. But let’s take a big picture look at the issue and hopefully it will all make sense in the end.

Writing A Letter of Recommendation for your Nanny

A letter of recommendation is an opportunity to recount details of your nanny’s employment, such as their schedule, and responsibilities; and it is a great way to memorialize your overall experience. As time goes on, a letter of recommendation frees you up from providing a verbal reference to every family or potential employer your nanny meets. Lastly, a letter of recommendation serves as a detailed thank you note to your nanny following a positive experience!

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Use your Phone App to Order a Ride, Not a Nanny!

In our current gig economy, it is amazing to see families “ordering” a nanny as casually as they would a cab ride. Just as we require the nannies we represent be assessed through a rigorous vetting process, APNA requires it’s members to adhere to the strictest standards in our industry. We are excited to share this video about the value of working with an APNA agency.

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