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Why the Trend Toward Gluten Free?

Why are gluten free food products becoming increasingly common in our grocery stores? Is this just the latest food fad or is gluten a potential dietary villain? Let’s begin by understanding what gluten is.

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The Importance of Feedback in a Nanny/Family Partnership

Giving feedback is often seen as an uncomfortable obligation, and is therefore avoided altogether. Receiving feedback can be equally difficult, often viewed as a personal attack. However, a healthy feedback exchange will not only strengthen your working relationship, but it also allows for individual, personal, and professional growth.

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Nanny Up Session #1 Recap

Early Childhood Educator Robin Jurs shared stories from her rich background to help us better understand the concept of the competent child. Here we share a few takeaways from Robin’s session.

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Don’t Let Job Creep Ruin Your Job

Job creep is a challenge in most jobs. You start off with a well-defined job description and then slowly, the boundaries of that job description begin to fray. Most times these asks happen so gradually that you don’t fully realize how far off track you’ve gotten until you take a look at your “official” job description. Then you realize the gap between what you’re doing and what you’re supposed to be doing is actually a pretty big deal.

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7 Tips for Successfully Working with a Nanny Agency

Nanny agencies have changed a great deal in the past five years. With the rise of internet sites many of the lesser quality agencies have gone under, and what we see now are agencies that have stood the test of time or newer agencies that are trying to break into the business. Follow these steps and you will have not only a happy relationship with your nanny agency, but a successful one at that!

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Starting Off on the Right Foot – For Nannies

You have invested a lot of time and energy in your search and are ready to start your new job. Knowing that you would like to build a lasting relationship with your new employers, we have compiled a list of suggestions for your first few months on the job.

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