SPN’s True Hire Package

Candidate Assessment & Background Check for Candidates Sourced Independently

When you are hiring a candidate to care for your children unsupervised, it is unequivocally critical to go beyond a simple online “background check.” While there are many online options, SPN’s True Hire Package provides an additional level of scrutiny that is necessary in a complete and thorough background check process. Stanford Park Nannies maintains a reputation for the strictest vetting process in the industry, and we are excited to offer this service to families who want to be sure they have found a true and trustworthy nanny.

The issue facing families who opt for online background checks is that not every questionable and/or dishonest person has a criminal conviction.

At the core of this True Hire package is an assessment of the candidate’s character. An SPN research expert will drive the background process in order to understand and reveal all facts and questions necessary to provide a thorough and accurate assessment.

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True Hire Package Process

Step One

Please register your request. Upon receipt of the registration form, agency owners Daryl or Maggie will call you for a phone consultation.

Step Two

SPN collects $500 fee and contacts candidate. SPN will send the required forms to the candidate directly. For a preview of these forms, click here.

Step Three

Research begins and background checks are ordered. Final report provided to client within three to five business days.