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Our nannies are the most qualified, well-vetted professional nannies in the Bay Area. All of our nannies must pass Stanford Park Nannies’ 21-Point Screen. This rigorous process covers all legal and work certifications, reference checks, and strict background checks to assure your child’s safety and help you feel secure. LEARN MORE >>

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Long-term placement is a solution for parents who need a nanny indefinitely, usually on a regular schedule. SPN places long-term nannies in full-time or part-time positions.


Parent use our temporary services for a variety of situations including: date nights, weekends away, school breaks, sick children, or as backup for their regular childcare provider.


A Newborn Care Specialist fills a very special role in your home. Their job is to provide expert newborn care during the precious first weeks or months of your baby’s life so that you can get the rest you need!


If you have sourced a nanny candidate on your own, SPN offers a la carte background checks as a way for you to ensure your family’s safety.


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You’re a different kind of nanny. Proud of your childcare skills, nurturing manner, and personal integrity. Willing to meet rigorous standards of ethics, education, and training. And you long to be treated – and paid – like a professional.

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Stanford Park parents and nannies share their experiences.

“I was frustrated and exhausted having spent my entire maternity searching for a nanny online and no one met my standards. …(you) gave me such peace of mind. I was able to find an exceptional nanny who could provide better care to my daughter than I could.”
“From the nanny point of view, SPN is the tops. Their service is personal, supportive, professional and they get the job done. Both Daryl and Maggie are always there when you need them, from the beginning of the interview process to working out logistics with a new family.”
“Our family has worked exclusively with Stanford Park Nannies for 18 years! We have really depended on their support — helping us identify what was really important to us and sending us only well-qualified nannies matched to our requirements and personality.”
“Our SPN temporary nanny was just wonderful! She took the kids to the park, read stories, made craft necklaces, and patiently negotiated sibling squabbles. We marveled at how quickly the kids took to her!”

We have a name for our customer service. It’s called Daryl and Maggie. bfly50

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Stanford Park Nannies supports our families and nannies with articles, news and industry announcements.

Writing A Letter of Recommendation for your Nanny

A letter of recommendation is an opportunity to recount details of your nanny’s employment, such as their schedule, and responsibilities; and it is a great way to memorialize your overall experience. As time goes on, a letter of recommendation frees you up from providing a verbal reference to every family or potential employer your nanny meets. Lastly, a letter of recommendation serves as a detailed thank you note to your nanny following a positive experience!

Use your Phone App to Order a Ride, Not a Nanny!

In our current gig economy, it is amazing to see families “ordering” a nanny as casually as they would a cab ride. Just as we require the nannies we represent be assessed through a rigorous vetting process, APNA requires it’s members to adhere to the strictest standards in our industry. We are excited to share this video about the value of working with an APNA agency.

Help! My Kids Need After School Rides!

If you are a busy working parent with school-aged children, you have most likely discovered the lack in supply of afternoon nannies. This scarcity of help has paved the road for several local transportation options catering to families just like yours. The attached list outlines the features and benefits of the local kid’s ride service options.

Guest Blogger: Dad on Third

On New Year’s Day, Alex’s birth mom emailed us to let us know she had another baby, a girl, and that mom and baby were doing well. Well, that’s an interesting way to start the year. My son has a new baby sister, but my own family has not grown at all. That’s not a sentence one writes every day…or ever.