Stanford Park Nannies creates a close partnership with families and candidates to deliver the highest quality service. For over 20 years, we have tailored our approach to establish solid, lasting matches. The security, personalized support, and expert guidance provided throughout the hiring process is unique and unparalleled– and our methodology works. In fact, 90% of Stanford Park Nannies’ long-term placements continue after the first year.

Commitment to Excellence

In an effort to elevate standards in the industry, Daryl became a founding member of the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA). Since 1991, APNA has been the principal industry organization and advocate for promoting best practices for nanny and household staffing agencies. As one of only 42 vetted APNA members, Stanford Park Nannies is ranked among the best staffing agencies in the country. After serving eight years on the APNA Board of Directors– two as President– Daryl and our agency have continued to lead the industry by example. In fact, we were proud to have been awarded the “Agency of the Year” in 2013 and the “APNA Honors for Excellence” in 2017.

Support for Families

No matter how many hiring decisions you’ve made in your lifetime, none compares to choosing a nanny to care for your child or an employee to work within your home. It’s a situation where “good enough” simply isn’t. As parents and former nanny employers themselves, Daryl and Maggie understand how difficult and overwhelming the hiring process can be.

Therefore, our methodology is one built on establishing a trusting partnership backed by a genuine care and concern for your family’s well being.

Support for Job Seekers

We recognize the unique position of nannies and household staff in a family’s home. They provide the highest level of care possible and they deserve to be respected and treated as professionals.

We proudly advocate for our candidates by requiring all of our client families to comply with labor and tax laws. This provides nannies and household staff with mandatory benefits such as overtime pay and sick pay, unemployment, disability, and social security. Additionally, the majority of our positions provide vacation pay, holiday pay, and healthcare reimbursement.