Long-Term Nannies

Long-term nannies work on an ongoing basis with a regular, set schedule. We place long-term nannies in both full-time and part-time positions.

Temporary Nannies & Babysitters

Our temporary services are used for a variety of situations, including: date nights, school breaks, when children are sick, as backup for regular childcare, or weekends away. Temporary assignments can range anywhere from 4 hours to several months.

Newborn Care Specialists

A Newborn Care Specialist fills a very special role in your home. Their job is to provide expert, overnight newborn care during the precious first weeks or months of your baby’s life so that you can get the rest you need!

Household Staffing

Our household staffing services focus on supporting your family and helping you manage the details of your busy lives. We refer family assistants, household managers, and personal assistants.

A La Carte Background Checks

If you have sourced a nanny candidate on your own, SPN offers an a la carte background check as a way for you to ensure your family’s safety.