*As of August 13, 2020, we have a waitlist for Private Educators.*


Today, more than ever, your family may be seeking a talented in-home educator who is uniquely qualified to guide and support your child’s education. Our candidates include nannies with teaching experience, as well as seasoned preschool, elementary, and middle school teachers who thrive in a private home setting.

Registration Fee

Our $450 registration fee retains our services for your search and includes:

  • 1-hour intake consultation with Rimma or Maggie
  • Comprehensive SPN Hiring Guide
  • 1-year membership to Temporary and On-call Nanny Services
  • Access to candidates who have passed the Stanford Park Nannies’ 21-Point Screen

Referral Fee

  • 18% of gross annual compensation (one time fee at time of placement)

What Can We Expect to Pay an In-Home Educator?

The typical range for private educator salaries is $35-$45 per hour. The cost of a private educator will vary based on the teacher’s individual qualifications and on the requirements of the job.

Search Process

Stanford Park Nannies has developed a five-step process to effectively guide you through your search for an educator you can trust for your child’s academic growth and success.

Step 1

Registration/ Intake Consultation

Upon receiving your completed registration forms, we will schedule an intake consultation. Over the course of about one hour, we will learn about your family’s unique needs and review the following with you:

  • Market conditions
  • Salary and Benefits
  • Tax and Labor laws
  • Pre-selected candidate resumes
  • Hiring Guidelines
Step 2

Interview Process

After identifying candidates that suit your requirements, Stanford Park Nannies will arrange initial interviews for you at your convenience. Your next option is to conduct a one to five day working trial with the candidate(s) of your choice. This will offer you a chance to become better acquainted with the candidate and to get a clearer understanding of how she will perform with your family.

Step 3

Reference Review

Stanford Park Nannies completes an evaluation/interview of each candidate’s employment, as well as personal and educational references. At any time, the applicant’s entire file is available for your review. You are welcome to speak directly with all of the candidate’s references.

Step 4

Background Checks

Stanford Park Nannies understands the importance of finding a trustworthy nanny for your family. In order to ensure your family’s safety, we are proud to offer an extensive background check package, including the following:

  • Felony and Misdemeanor Report (All counties of residence)
  • TrustLine Registration
  • Department of Motor Vehicles Report
  • Social Security Verification
  • National Sex Offender Check
  • National Wants and Warrants Check
Step 5

Offer of Employment

Following a successful working interview and the completion of background checks, you have the option of extending an offer of employment or you may choose to continue reviewing additional candidates. Stanford Park Nannies will assist you in creating a written agreement outlining the terms of employment. This document will become the foundation for a smooth and successful working relationship between you and your new nanny.

Stanford Park Nannies creates a close partnership with families and candidates to deliver the highest quality service. For over 25 years, we have tailored our approach to establish solid, lasting matches. The security, personalized support, and expert guidance provided throughout the hiring process is unique and unparalleled. Our methodology works! In fact, 90% of Stanford Park Nannies' long-term placements continue after the first year.