Over the past 27 years, we have built strong relationships that have contributed to our success and our reputation in the childcare industry. Our wonderful clients and dedicated nannies say it best!

"Finding the right caregiver for your children can feel like an overwhelming task, but Stanford Park Nannies made the process incredibly smooth and successful for our family. From the moment we contacted them, they were attentive, professional, and incredibly understanding of our specific needs. They made the entire process stress-free and gave us the gift of knowing our children are in the best hands possible."

Corey. R

“I would like to thank the whole team at SPN for all you guys do. In this midst of the heartbreak and hardships the COVID-19 crisis has imposed on our neighbors, our families, and our friends, I am also inspired and deeply moved by the compassion, resiliency, and the human spirit of the  SPN team. Thank you for being there with us. We are here for you.”

Jessica P.

"I would rate Stanford Park Nannies very highly! They provide a great flow of very qualified candidates, who are all prepared to pay taxes. They have a great vetting process and did not waste our time with those that weren’t a fit. In addition to our full-time search, they had the ability to quickly identify relevant interim/temp nannies as well!"

Jaime B.

"SPN is a powerhouse agency of incredible women who embody experience, passion, and a heart for service!"

Jamie H.

"SPN provides you with a current understanding of what should be expected of nannies and employers and they empower you by coaching you through it all. When I started to interview with families, they gave me great feedback—it felt like I had my own personal interviewing cheerleaders!"

Tara G.

"If I could give SPN 100 stars, I would! There is 100% value in the services that SPN provides. Daryl was extremely responsive and thorough. Our night nurse has been perfect!"

Charmaine T.

"The wonderful team at Stanford Park Nannies has been staffing our family’s babysitting and temporary coverage for 4 years. Through Stanford Park Nannies, our family has had the opportunity to work with some of the most wonderful caregivers on the Peninsula, all of whom are experienced, responsible, enthusiastic, respectful and committed. Researching, interviewing, and constantly refreshing our own list of babysitters was time consuming, nerve wracking and ineffective. Whether the assignment is for single night or for a few weeks, our Stanford Park babysitters and temporary caregivers never fail to learn our routine, respect the limits we set for our kids, and even review any allergies or sensitivities ahead of time. We couldn’t be happier with our experience. Thank you, SPN!"

Vanita P.

"What I enjoyed most was how much effort SPN put into making sure that the nannies and families are really a good fit for one another. They never made me feel pressured to take an interview or accept a job. I was impressed with the jobs that were available, too. As a nanny, I found it refreshing to be interviewing with families who treat what I do as a profession and who value my skills and credentials!"

Amy S.

"Daryl and Maggie appreciated everything I had to say about the interviews/trials and understood when I felt it wasn’t the perfect match for me. I have recently found my dream family and I have SPN to thank for this. Their whole team is just professional and delightful!"

Courtney R.

“I use the agency regularly for short-term assignments and their candidates have always exceeded my expectations. Both Daryl and Maggie are an absolute pleasure to deal with, they’re fast to respond, and they make the entire process stress free.”

Valeria G.

Stanford Park Nannies creates a close partnership with families and candidates to deliver the highest quality service. For over 25 years, we have tailored our approach to establish solid, lasting matches. The security, personalized support, and expert guidance provided throughout the hiring process is unique and unparalleled. Our methodology works! In fact, 90% of Stanford Park Nannies' long-term placements continue after the first year.