Foundation Practice for Nannies

Foundation Practice for Nannies is a CACHE Endorsed Learning Program designed by award-winning nanny and recognized industry expert Michelle LaRowe. The course consists of 13 lessons designed speifically for nannies and covers topics including child development, health and safety, nutrition, creating optimal environments for children cared for by nannies, professionalism, and unique situations nannies face. Each lesson has an introductory video, course content, resources, and a quiz. Once all lesson quizzes are completed, students can access the final exam. Upon passing the final exam, a certificate will be accessible immediately and available for download. A CACHE certificate will be requested and mailed directly to the student at the mailing address provided.

Stanford Park Nannies is proud to partner with Michelle LaRowe to offer a 10% discount to all nannies using the code spnannies.

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Becoming a Top Notch Family Assistant – September 2017 Session

Today’s household staffing field continues to grow by leaps and bounds and the need for qualified family assistants continues to grow. Many of today’s families don’t need a traditional nanny or a full-time housekeeper, personal chef, household manager, or personal assistant. Instead they need someone who can perform key tasks from those roles, creating a hybrid job description that meets the family’s unique needs.

This training is for you if…
• you want to set yourself apart from your competition in this emerging market.
• you want to earn a higher wage and enjoy long-term job security.
• you’re a nanny who wants to stay with your current family for years to come even as your kids head into preschool or school.
• you love being a nanny but you’re ready for a change. You want a learn a new way to put all the household skills to use.

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