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Our nannies are the most-qualified, well-vetted professional nannies in the Bay Area. All of our nannies must pass Stanford Park Nannies’ 21-Point Screen. This rigorous process covers all legal and work certifications, reference checks and strict background checks to assure your child’s safety and help you feel secure.

Only the top 8 percent of candidates pass our 21-Point Screen and are accepted as Stanford Park Nannies. It’s not easy to join the Stanford Park Nannies family, but those who do take great pride in their achievement and respected status.

Our nannies are committed to their profession and love what they do. It shows in their willingness to undergo our 21-Point Screen. But it also shows in the more intangible benefits they bring to their work. Rather than being a substitute for a parent, our nannies bring an added dimension to childcare, one that can make a difference by enriching a child’s life.

  • Only the top 8 percent of candidates are accepted as Stanford Park Nannies. Compare that to online bulletin boards and websites that allow anyone to post a resume and leave you to do the vetting
  • Our average candidate has 5-10 years of nanny experience
  • Our nannies must pass 7 different background checks
  • All our candidates must pass a rigorous 21-Point Screen, the most demanding in the industry
  • 99 percent of our families and nannies would recommend us to a friend
  • The wisdom gained over 26 years in the nanny business enables us to find the best nannies faster and more efficiently, saving you time, hassle and risk

Save time, eliminate guesswork, and gain peace of mind.

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Long-term placement is a solution for parents who need a nanny indefinitely, usually on a regular schedule. SPN places long-term nannies in full-time or part-time positions.



Parents use our temporary services for a variety of situations including: date nights, weekends away, school breaks, sick children, or as backup for their regular childcare provider.



A Newborn Care Specialist fills a very special role in your home. Their job is to provide expert newborn care during the precious first weeks or months of your baby’s life so that you can get the rest you need!



If you have sourced a nanny candidate on your own, SPN offers a la carte background checks as a way for you to ensure your family’s safety.


Unsurpassed personal service.

The feeling of working with us?
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Hiring a nanny is a critical, time-intensive process that can’t be left to computer algorithms and impersonal online interactions. It takes an enormous amount of time in planning, coordination, research, interviewing, and follow-up. When you work with SPN, we take that burden off your mind. Each family and nanny is different with a unique story. That is why our five-step search process always includes a private, in-home consultation from Daryl or Maggie. And it’s why we personally interview each of our nannies and their references.

Understanding your needs on a deep level, and knowing the special skills and characteristics of our nannies, are the driving forces behind making the right match. With that knowledge, we hand-select nanny candidates whom we have thoroughly vetted and match them with families where we know they will be successful.

We then guide you every step of the way through the hiring process, helping you create an employment arrangement that is clear, concise, and comprehensive. Once your nanny joins your family, our relationship and services continue. When you pick up the phone with a question, concern, or compliment, you can always reach one of us directly. Our personal knowledge of the family and the home environment also helps our nannies feel secure and confident about their new assignment.

  • Our exclusive 5-step process will effectively guide you through finding and hiring your nanny
  • You receive a one-hour in-home consultation so that we can learn about your family’s unique needs and prepare you for the search process
  • You will only see resumes of nannies we’ve met, vetted, and believe will make an ideal fit for your family
  • We educate you on market conditions, salaries and benefits, tax and labor laws, and hiring guidelines so that you can be a good employer and retain your nanny long term
  • We personally interview the nanny’s previous employers in order to fully understand her skills and attributes and provide detailed transcripts to ensure the best match
  • We help you create a comprehensive work agreement outlining the terms of employment
  • You have direct access to the guidance, education, and support of our knowledgeable team both during the search process and throughout your working relationship
  • We provide back-up care when needed
“I was particularly impressed by the high caliber of candidates and the professionalism of everyone involved.”

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