Add a Personal Touch to Your Resume With a Letter of Introduction

When you apply for a nanny position, it can be difficult to stand out amongst other nanny candidates. You know you have extensive experience and skills, but how can you more accurately show a family who you are?

Creating a thoughtful letter of introduction can add a personal touch to your resume. With a letter of introduction (which may also be called a cover letter), you can talk about your life, interests, and personality. Employers will better understand who you are as a unique individual before reviewing your work experience, which can help them decide if you’re the best candidate for the family. 

To get started on your letter of introduction, here are a few key details to consider, plus some examples to kickstart your thoughts. 

Share your best qualities

A letter of introduction helps a family get to know you. In it, you should share your best qualities and what makes you unique. For example, you may have a very positive, optimistic attitude, or a significant life-changing experience in your past influenced how you work with children. Maybe you have a wonderful sense of humor that appeals to kids, or a creative streak that helps you solve problems. Share these qualities early in your letter so the family can decide if you’re a good fit early on.


  • “I believe that laughter is an important part of caring for children, which is why I love a good joke and always try to make my charges laugh.”
  • “As the oldest child, I helped my parents care for my siblings. This showed me the importance of stable care and how reliable care can help parents care for their kids.” 
  • “I know that nannying is about more than simply watching kids. I’ve worked with families who have potty training problems/families with behavioral needs/children with special needs/etc. to offer the best care to families.” 

Talk about your background and upbringing

When you share your own family experiences and culture in the letter, the family will get a sense of what your family life was like growing up. It’ll help spark a personal connection with you. You can also explain why or how you became a nanny, and talk about your education and training in childcare. Describe what you’re looking for in a nanny position here as well.


  • “I grew up in a large family and have always been surrounded by children. This influenced my love of structured play, watching babies grow, and my desire to help out around the house wherever possible.”
  • “I became a nanny after caring for my neighbors’ children/working in my church’s childcare center/taking my first babysitter course.” 
  • “I am looking for a long-term position with a family who wants a nanny to be a part of the team, and to provide stable, loving care for their little ones.”

Describe how you connect with children

There are many approaches to engaging with children, emotionally, and intellectually. You can describe your approach in this part of the letter. Maybe you’re a theatrical storyteller. Perhaps you see a child’s endless questions as opportunities to teach them something new. Or maybe you have lots of ideas for games, craft activities, or play time to help you understand and bond with children.   


  • “Connecting with kids on their level is important to me. That’s why I am a big advocate for ‘floor play,’ including physical games, playing outside, crafts, and more.” 
  • “I love the outdoors, so I make time every day (when the weather cooperates) to get outside with kids and explore.” 
  • “Crafts are one of my favorite things, and I love finding ways to express creativity with kids. Whether it’s glitter, macaroni art, or craft paper, I make sure there is always a new project to work on!”

Talk about your passions outside of child care

Passion is uplifting and compelling. Tell your prospective employers what drives you on a daily basis. Do you support specific causes that have special meaning to you? Are you passionate about nutrition and health? Do you have a love of music, art, or books? Is your free time spent biking, swimming, knitting, painting, or hiking? Are you working towards a different long-term career goal while you’re nannying? Sharing your hobbies and passions will strengthen that personal connection with a family.


  • “When I’m not taking care of children, I am volunteering at my local nursing home.”
  • “I love reading and will check out too many books from the library!”
  • “I am earning my degree in ___ and look forward to implementing what I learn in my work as a nanny.”

Don’t forget to check spelling and grammar

Once you’re done with a first draft of your letter of introduction, don’t forget to read it a few times to check your spelling and grammar! Leaving a mistake in your letter will look unprofessional. Have someone else read through it, too, if you want to get fresh eyes on your letter. 

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August 21, 2019
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Stanford Park Nannies
August 21, 2019
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