Expand Your Skills to Meet the Needs of Today’s Busy Families

Families today lead incredibly complex and busy lives. They are traveling extensively and filling their schedules with more activities, especially in the Bay Area. As a result, the number of nanny positions that require extensive family support or personal assistant duties has increased dramatically.

You might already be aware of the increasing needs of families, especially if you’re currently employed by a busy family or have been in the past. You may also worry that your role with a family is ending, if your charges are nearing school age. But we don’t think you have to worry, because a nanny’s services are always in high demand.

That’s why we’ve created a list of tips for expanding your role, some additional services or duties you can offer your families, and the benefits of doing so.

Roles and Duties You Can Offer Families

Whether you’re hoping to retain your current family long after the kids start school or you’re on the hunt for a family who needs a full-time nanny, there’s plenty of ways to keep yourself busy.

Nannies do so much more than child care, so it’s perfectly fine to tell families that you’re also willing to do more about the house to make their lives easier.

Here are just a few you can offer:

Errands and organization

  • Pantry and fridge organization
  • Grocery list making
  • Grocery shopping
  • Managing deliveries from online shopping orders
  • Organizing children’s clothes (i.e. keeping stock of which clothes fit, what new clothes need to be purchased, etc.)
  • Household item shopping (diapers, clothes, toiletries, etc.)

Travel support

  • Create packing checklists
  • Assist with gathering items/packing
  • Oversee and maintain the home while the family is away
  • Prep and restock the house for your family’s return (i.e. pick up fresh food and flowers, turn on the heat or air conditioning, etc.)
  • Unpack luggage, manage laundry, and put items away

Household maintenance

  • Manage home appliance maintenance and repairs
  • Handle vehicle fueling, washes, and maintenance appointments
  • Water indoor and outdoor plants
  • Manage family calendar and set reminders for important appointments/events
  • Help with family gatherings, events, and celebrations


  • Maintain children’s health files and paperwork (with permission from parents)
  • Schedule well-check appointments with doctor and dentist
  • Offer sick-day coverage (something not every nanny does!)

If you already take on many of these responsibilities, great! You’re already doing a lot for the families you work with. That shows initiative, caring, and generosity, and that mindset is so crucial in this line of work. Of course, don’t ever do something you’re not comfortable with — and set boundaries so families know what you will and will not do.

Feel free to make a list of all the things you already do, or would be willing to do, and then bring that to your employers (or interviews).

Do Your Research and Always Be Learning!

Of course, every family is different, so it’s important to do some of your own research. For example, think of how you can make a family’s life easier through simple things. What apps or programs do your parent friends or previous employers use to keep important dates and schedules organized? Do they write down their grocery lists and packing lists, or do they use an app that you can access? Is there something you know they need help with and could offer them? Do you know someone who could help with projects you can’t take on? When you help keep parents’ lives on track, they’ll be forever grateful.

Another thing to add to let families know: if you’ve completed any childhood education credits, cooking classes, fitness training, foreign language classes, or other relevant area of study. Parents love knowing that their nanny is educated, informed, and can be trusted to provide care for the whole family. Any time you enroll in a class, learn something new, or pass a training, think about all the ways it can help the family for which you currently care.

Everyone Wins When You Share Your Skills

When you take on additional responsibilities and demonstrate the many skills you have, you become more valuable to any family you work with. When you’re more valuable, you’ll be able to have a steady schedule, higher pay, and a family who appreciates everything you do. Plus, it’s rewarding, too!

Expanding your skills will also help you in your career should you decide to look for another position; your new skills make you an attractive job candidate. Plus, when you change your routine by improving skills or taking on new responsibilities, you’ll avoid getting stuck in a rut or feeling burnt out.

Need more guidance on growing your skills?

Are you unsure of which skills would be most helpful in your current position? Feel free to contact us with your questions. We’re here to help.

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June 21, 2019
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Stanford Park Nannies
June 21, 2019
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