How SPN Saved Me- A Client’s Perspective

Oh my—I’m Pregnant! Now What…?

From the minute I found out I was pregnant I was worried about how I was going to be able to run my business AND be a mother.

My husband and I are both from Canada and don’t have any family in the area, so we knew we would definitely need some help!

All my friends told me how easy it was to join the local parent’s group, and that they send members daily e-mails about currently available nannies.

I’m not going to lie—this terrified me! Between my husband and I, also an entrepreneur, we have probably hired and managed close to 100 people. We understand that it is a lot of work, especially to find the best employees.

I Don’t Need an Agency… Right?

I’m resourceful! I’ll put out my feelers, talk to my friends, and join the lists. I’ll meet the right nanny.

What Did I End Up With?

Nanny #1 – I loved her personality and connected well with her. The problem was that she was elderly, and that she would not be able to safely carry our baby upstairs to her bedroom.

Nanny #2 – She was recommended through my friend’s nanny. She was sweet and very nice. She mentioned that she didn’t have any infant experience, but she was totally willing to learn. Good for her; however, I was uncomfortable with the thought of her learning on my child!

I guess it’s true—you do get what you pay for!

I Smartened Up and Called Maggie at Stanford Park Nannies

The entire process, from the initial meeting with Maggie to the placement of our nanny, was easy and on OUR timeline. We even had a trip planned and we were able to completely work around that.

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of nannies presented to us. We had asked for a Spanish-speaking nanny, who had experience with infants, and was looking for part-time work. All of the candidates met our requirements and most had taken Early Childhood Development courses and/or had teaching experience.

Honestly, it comes down to this: SPN knows their nannies. Many of the nannies that were presented to us had worked with the agency for many years.

After becoming familiar with their process, I had full trust that SPN would find us an amazing nanny.

They offer more than just background checks; they have the best database of candidates and they work to find a match with each individual family.

In walked Vilma…

We laugh about it now, but we honestly knew within the first five minutes of Vilma entering our home for an interview that she would be the one.

Our daughter Mila babbled, smiled, and laughed with Vilma the entire time! They both seemed at ease with each other, and Vilma’s energy was amazing. She clearly had a genuine love of children.

The Icing on the Cake

Of course, I can’t guarantee that this will happen with every family, but since Vilma’s second day with us, Mila has been sleeping through the night at just 3.5 months old—It has been amazing!

If you’re looking for help, whether it’s an immediate, part-time, or full-time need, talk to Maggie and Daryl. They really are the best in the business, and they work very hard to make their families very happy.


This article was written by Sarah Lux, business owner and mom.  She owns Uforia Studios, a boutique fitness studio in Palo Alto.

Guest Blogger
December 12, 2014
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Guest Blogger
December 12, 2014
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“I would like to thank the whole team at SPN for all you guys do. In this midst of the heartbreak and hardships the COVID-19 crisis has imposed on our neighbors, our families, and our friends, I am also inspired and deeply moved by the compassion, resiliency, and the human spirit of the  SPN team. Thank you for being there with us. We are here for you.”

Jessica P.

"I would rate Stanford Park Nannies very highly! They provide a great flow of very qualified candidates, who are all prepared to pay taxes. They have a great vetting process and did not waste our time with those that weren’t a fit. In addition to our full-time search, they had the ability to quickly identify relevant interim/temp nannies as well!"

Jaime B.

"SPN is a powerhouse agency of incredible women who embody experience, passion, and a heart for service!"

Jamie H.

"SPN provides you with a current understanding of what should be expected of nannies and employers and they empower you by coaching you through it all. When I started to interview with families, they gave me great feedback—it felt like I had my own personal interviewing cheerleaders!"

Tara G.